Frequently Asked Questions

We get many questions. Here are a list of very common questions we are asked for your convenience.

Fundraising FAQs

Will there be any trash, ashes, or mess left behind?

No we are self contained and leave no mess behind.

Are extra chicken available to buy that day?

The organization decides on the extra chicken, some may have extra, some don’t.

How far do you travel?

We will go anywhere, however the distance may dictate changes in the price and the minimum amount you must order.

We have food allergies can we still eat BBQ Chicken??

Our chicken is wheat, gluten,dairy,peanut & tree nut Free

Do we need to pay sales tax?

Only if you cannot provide tax exempt number or tax exempt certificate.

Can tickets be used at any BBQ?

No, tickets are only good for that organization, day & time.

How Do We Schedule a BBQ?

By calling the office at 717-933-8102.